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Do you want to learn German on the Internet? Do you want to solve problems with German? Do you have troubles in communication with Germans? Do you want to work in Germany? Do you want to study at a German university?

An exacting, experienced teacher with a diploma from Moscow State University, who has a good grasp of Germany, and understands your problems and knows the solutions is offering interactive German language classes for you.

You have a beginner or intermediate level in German.

OFFER Nr. 1: Individual lessons

Vocabulary: You will learn how to learn new words without trouble and in large quantity. You will learn how to easily find stable combinations for every word. You will do a lot of different thematic exercises for enriching your vocabulary.

Grammar: You will learn how to do typical and analytical grammar exercises and find patterns and models of German grammar. You will practice the most important grammatical topics to automatism through building sentences orally.

Syntax: You will master the main German sentence types where students usually make mistakes. You will learn German conjunctions, and learn to write German texts so that they are clear to Germans.

Phonetics: You will learn the main elements of German phonetics, which will help you to understand the sounds of German speech: pronunciation of vowels, schwa, stress, decoding audios and more.

Speaking: You will learn the general rules of effective communication and common mistakes during dialogue. You will learn to express your opinion on typical conversational topics in German. You will train to hold pithy conversations. You will learn to pay attention to what you say and you will be able to overcome typical mistakes while speaking. You will learn how to make new friends with the Germans on the Internet.

During the course you will complete 2 textbooks with vocabulary exercises and 1 syntax textbook. The course lasts for 6 months if you are a beginner in German. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to continue your education with the textbook of Johannes Schumann, Mittelstufe.

You have a high level of German and you want to prove your knowledge.

OFFER Nr. 2: TestDaF

Reading: You will learn a large array of words and phrases from the level C1, taken from the official TestDaF textbooks, from actual German scientific media and scientific vocabularies of the German language. You will learn the meaning of prefixes and suffixes, and learn how to better understand the meaning of any word. You will learn to thoroughly understand the relations in the sentence and text. You will learn practical techniques to complete TestDaF reading assignments efficiently.

Listening: You will overcome the main difficulties of the German pronunciation. You will learn how to write a transcription of large audio and video samples. You will know what sounds and sound combinations have similar appearance in the German language and how to distinguish between them. You will learn practical techniques to complete TestDaF listening assignments efficiently.

Writing and Speaking: You will learn how to accurately express your thoughts both written and orally. You will learn how to properly describe the factual information in a scientific diagram. You will learn how to record your views on the subject in many ways from many angles and to express firmly and clearly your opinion as well. You will learn how to analyze your text and typical mistakes, and learn the rules of the German stylistics.

The course lasts for 6 months.

While preparing for the exam you actually will raise your level of German to C1.

Do you have level B1 in German, and you would like to find a job in Germany?

OFFER Nr. 3: Work in Germany

German business culture: Max Weber, Geert Hofstede and Charles Dickens.

Analysis of the job opening: What qualifications are required on the market? Is it possible to independently master the required computer programs?

Drafting cover letters (Bewerbungsschreiben) and analysis of companies to which you have applied: What does the company produce? How is the company positioning itself? What is the philosophy of the company? What makes the company different from the competition?

Translation and work on the resume (Lebenslauf): Concretizing; finding out what you did most of the time at your previous jobs; determination of what you did best at your previous jobs, where you achieved the best results; editing your resume by a professional German editor; photographs according to German style.

Preparing for an interview (Bewerbungsgespräch): Methods to maintain confidence, training frequently asked questions, fight against speech errors and stupor.

Simultaneously you will eliminate typical language B1 level errors: declination of adjectives, prepositions, genitive, sentences with conjunctions, and speed of speech.

Main course materials - Duden recommendations. The course lasts for 3 months. Classes are held weekly.

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